Niver a dreylyansow biblek kott a veu gwrys y’n 17ves ha’n 18ves

kansblydhynyow: A number of short Biblical translations were made in the 17th

and 18th centuries:

    John Keigwin, Genesis 1:1-31      John Boson, Genesis 1:1-31      Wella Rowe, Genesis 3:1-24      Wella Rowe, Matthew 2:1-20      Wella Rowe, Matthew 4:1-25 Treylyansow erell  Other translations:      An Deg Gorhemmynn The Ten Commandments      An Pader The Lord’s Prayer      Kredo an Abesteli The Apostles’ Creed Dh’aga gweles, klykk war an leppik Tekstow, ha dewis mes a’n rol a dhiyskynn To see them, click on the Texts tab, and choose from the drop-down menu

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