Nyns yw hemma gwir app, mes kevrenn yw dhe wiasva, a yll bos devnydhys yn furv

gwayadow war dablet po pellgowser smart kepar hag app.

Y’n tablet po pellgowser smart gwra devnydh a’n beurell (Safari, Google hag erell)

ha kewgh dhe http://m.kw.bibles.org/cor-ABK/Matt/1/ . Ena tav an arwoedh     

(Ranna) orth topp an skrin ha tav Add to Home Screen.  Ikon a omdhiskwedh ena.

Tav an ikon na, ena tav Peur y’n Bibel.  Ena ty a yll dewis lyver ha chaptra. Wosa

an chaptra dhe omdhiskwedhes, ty a yll mos dhe’n chapter kyns (<) po a-wosa (>). 

Orth topp kledh an skrin, tav  ha dewis Tre , Peur, Istori Prosesys po Kevrenna.

Yn Tre yma fenester rag Hwilas. Yn Peur yma an venegva a lyvrow. Istori Prosesys 

a dhiskwedh tylleryow a wrusses aga gweles a-gynsow; tav onan anedha ha’n

chaptra a omdhiskwedh.  Yn Kevrenna ty a yll dannvon dhe Facebook po Twitter, po

dannvon ebost, hag ynno tekst biblek mar mynnydh; ena tav Dannvon. Yn-dann an

re na yma peswar dewis loes. Yn Settyansow  ty a yll dewis prynt du po prynt

gwynn    .

Pan vo chaptra a’n Bibel Kernewek igor, fenester orth topp dyghow an skrin a

dhiskwedh ABK. Tav ABK, hag omdhiskwedh rol a’n Biblow re virsys orta a-gynsow. 

Tav KERNEWEK ha rol a voy es mil yeth a omdhiskwedh.   Dewis r.e. Cymraeg hag

yma dewis a bymp Bibel cymraeg; po dewis English (British) hag yma dewis a naw

Bibel sowsnek.

Mara’th eus barrlennell po PC ty a yll mos dhe http://www.bibles.org/cor-ABK/Matt/1.

Ena tya yll kavoes skrin folsys, r.e. ABK ha KJV war-barth. Ynwedh ty a yll skrifa


This is not a true app, but a link to a website, which can then be used in mobile form on

a tablet or smartphone like an app.

 In the tablet or smartphone, use the browser to go to  http://m.kw.bibles.org/cor-

ABK/Matt/1/ Then click on  the share symbol         at the top of the screen and click Add

to Home Screen. An icon will be appear there.

Touch that icon, and then touch Peur y’n Bibel (Browse in the Bible).  You can then

select a book and  a chapter. When the chapter appears. you can move to the previous

or following chapter (< or >).


 At the top left of the screen touch  and choose from Tre (Home), Peur (Browse),

Istori Prosesys (History of Passages) or Kevrenna (Link). Tre has a field for searching.

Peur has the index of books. Istori Prosesys shows the places you recently visited;

touch one of those and the  chapter will appear. Kevrenna allows you to post to

Facebook or Twitter, or to send an e-mail, in which a Bblical text can be included as well

if you wish; then press Dannvon (Send). Below those are four options in grey. In

Settyansow (Settings)      you can choose  black or white print      . 

When a chapter of An Bibel Kernewek is open, a small window top right shows ABK.

Touch ABK, and a list appears showing any Bibles you have recently visited. Touch 

KERNEWEK and a list of over a thousand languages appears.  Select e.g. Cymraeg 

and you can choose one of five Welsh Bibles.  Or select English (British) and you can

choose one of nine English Bibles.

If you have a laptop or desk-top computer you can go to http://www.bibles.org/cor-

ABK/Matt/1. There you can have a split screen,  e.g. ABK and KJV together. You can

also write notes.

Bible Search

Yma dhe’n appow Bible App ha Bibel Sans aga ‘Search’ aga honan, ytho ny vydh

meur a alow rag an app ma lemmyn - mes nyns eus saw unnsel an app ma ha

dhodho intrafas Kernewek.

The Bible App and Bibel Sans apps have their own ‘Search’ so there will not be much call for this app now - but it is the only one with a Cornish interface.