Download Bibel Sans from the Apple store for iOS, or the Google store for Android. This new app is easy to use and of attractive appearance. It contains only An Bibel Kernewek (ABK). It contains 59 books of ABK - more than there are in Bible App. The first time you open the app ABK will be downloaded immediately, so that you can thereafter read it without Wi-Fi.  But you will need Wi-Fi to use Search. Everything is done through small symbols -- there is no textual guidance. At the top of the screen there are three symbols:         (Library),        (Search),    (Return). With the LIbrary symbol you can choose the required book,and then the chapter. With the Search symbol you can search for a word or words, or a biblcal reference in the format  jhn 14:24. Wi-Fi is required for this. With the Return symbol you can see a list of the books and chapters that you have recently visited. To move to the next or previous page, drag right or left with a finger. Provided that  there is a page displayed you will see at the bottom of the screen three symbols: < (previous page),        (settings),  > (next page). In Settings you can choose between black or white print      ; display or hide verse numbers; and information about ABK. You can also choose the size of the print.
Iskergewgh Bibel Sans dhiworth gwithva Apple rag iOS, po gwithva Google rag Android. An app nowydh ma yw sempel dh’y oberi ha teg y semlans. Ynno nyns eus marnas ABK (An Bibel Kernewek). Yma ynno 59 lyver a ABK - moy es dell eus yn Bible App. Pan igerewgh an app an kynsa prys, ABK a vydh iskargys war-not, may hyllowgh redya a-wosa heb Wi-Fi. Mes yma edhomm a Wi-Fi mar m ynnowgh devnydhya Hwila  Pup-tra yw gwrys dre arwoedh vyghan - nyns eus kevarwoedhyans tekstel.  Yn topp an skrin yma tteyr arwoedh:           (Lyverva),        (Hwila),       (Dehwel).  Dre arwoedh an Lyverva, hwi a yll dewis an lyver, hag ena an chaptra  a vynnowgh.  Der an arwoedh Hwila hwi a yll hwilas ger po geryow, po kampoellans biblek y’n furv jhn 14:24. Res yw kavoes Wi-fi rag hemma. Der an arwoedh Dehwel hwi a yll gweles rol a’n lyvrow ha’n chapter a wrussowgh mires orta a-gynsow. Rag mos dhe’n nessa folenn po dhe’n folenn kyns, draylyewgh dyghow po kledh gans an bys. Pan vo neb folenn a dekst diskwedhys, hwi a wel orth goeles an skrin teyr arwoedh: < (folenn kyns),       (settyansow), > (nessa folenn). Yn Settyansow        hwi a yll dewis yntra prynt du po gwynn      ; kavoes niverow gwersow diskwedhys po kudhys; ha gweles derivas a-dro dhe ABK. Ynwedh hwi a yll dewis braster an prynt.

Bibel Sans