Bible App

Download Bible app from Apple store for iOS, or from Google store for Android.

In this app you can read the Bible in  1,086 languages, including Cornish, and

there is a choice of  1,502 Bibles including ABK (An Bibel Kernewek), six Welsh

Bibles, and 50 English Bibles.

It contains 51 Biblical books of ABK.

In some Bibles you can listen to readings. This work has not yet been done for ABK,

but is hoped it will be done sometime.

You can receive a ‘Verse of the Day’ daily in Cornish at a time of your choice.

It does not have a Cornish interface, but there is a choice of interfaces in 47 other

languages (Menu>More >Settings>Language>App interface).

You can download ABK or other Bibles, so that they can be read without Wi-Fi.

You can mark the text in various colours and make Notes and Bookmarks, and send

to Skype, Twitter, Facebook and others.

You can split the screen if you have an iPad. This does not work on iPhone or

Android. The iPad must be held horizontally (landscape).  Click the small icon on

the top right of the screen, .and have for example KJV together with ABK, in sync or

not; , or any pair from a list of more than 1,000 languages.

Iskergewgh Bible app dhiworth gwithva Apple rag iOS, po Google store rag


Y’n app ma hwi a yll redya an Bibel yn 1,086 yeth, y’ga mysk  Kernewek, hag

yma dewis a 1,502 Bibel, y’ga mysk ABK (An Bibel Kernewek), hwegh Bibel

kembrek, ha 50 Bibel sowsnek.

Yma ynno 51 lyver a ABK.

Yn re a’n Biblow hwi a yll klewes lennansow. Ny veu an ober ma hwath gwrys rag

ABK, mes govenek a’gan beus y fydh gwrys neb termyn.

Hwi a yll degemmeres ‘Verse of the Day’ yn Kernewek yn termyn dewisys genowgh 

pub dydh.

Ny’n jeva yntrafas kernewek, mes yma dewis a yntrafas yn 47 yeth arall

(Menu>More >Settings>Language>App interface).

Hwi a yll iskarga ABK po Biblow erell, may fons redyadow heb Wi-Fi.

Hwi a yll merkya an tekst yn liwyow divers, ha gul notennow ha Bookmarks, ha

dannvon dhe Skype, Twitter, Facebook hag erell.

Hwi a yll folsa an skrin mars eus genes iPad.  Ny ober hemma war iPhone, nag

Android. Res yw synsi an iPad yn korwelyek (tirwelek), a-der yn plommwedhek

(portrayansek). Ena hwi a wel arwoedh vyghan, yn topp-dyghow an skrin.  Wosa

klykkya warnedhi ty a yll kavoes rag ensampel Vershyon Myghtern Jamys hag An

Bibel Kernewek war-barth, yn sync gans y gila, po diblans; po kopel pynag arall

dhiworth rol a voy es 1.000 yeth.