Ni a’th wolkomm dhe wiasva Projekt an Bibel


An Projekt yw resys yn-dann skoes Kesva an Taves Kernewek ha Konsel Ekumenek Epskop Truru rag Servisyow y’n Yeth Kernewek.

An Testament Nowydh a veu dyllys yn mis Est 2004. 24 lyver a’n Testament Koth  re

beu dyllys seulabrys.  Yma kyns-skrifow a oll an remenant a’n T.K gwrys, marnas 4


An Bibel Kernewek

Welcome to the Cornish Bible Project website! 

The Project is run under the auspices of the Cornish Language Board and the Bishop of Truro’s Ecumenical Advisory Group for Services in Cornish.  The New Testament was published in August 2004.   24 Old Testament books have  already been published. The rest of the O.T. is all in draft except for 4 books.
NOWYDH ! An Pentatewgh - Jenesis, Eksodus, Levitikus, Niverow, Dewteronomi Klykk omma rag manylyon
NEW ! The Pentateuch - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy Click here for details

Dhe gestava genen, dannvon e-bost dhyn mar

pleg dhe Bibel Kernewek

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Hwila y’n Bibel rag kampoellans: klykk omma rag kevarwoedhyans: Testament Nowydh ha’n Salmow hepken y’n eur ma. Search in the Bible for a reference.  Click here for instructions: N.T. and Psalms only at present.